Concrete Floor Preparation

At Dynamic Concrete Solutions we make flooring installations simple, we visualize and eliminate factors that will impact the overall look and feel of your floor. Over our 15-year experience, we have successfully prepared uneven concrete substrates, removed adhesives, and floor coverings. Our team have successfully provided concrete floor preparation in Brisbane and surrounding areas with ready to lay floors for contractors and DIY.

During an on-site visit, our specialist performs a complete evaluation, to determine the extent of the works in order to make the installation of your new floor hassle free.

Concrete Floor Preparation Services Brisbane
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Concrete grinding of high areas

The removal of high spots on your concrete floor prior to any installation of new flooring is crucial. The way you resolve this issue often determines the quality of your finished product.

Tile and glue removal

If you are upgrading or renovating there is always a chance you will be removing some form of flooring. Hiring grinding equipment often seems like the cost-effective solution, however most of the entry level hire equipment doesn’t come close to the protection you against dust or doing high level removal. The cost of hiring often comes with the hidden expense of grinding blades, each one charged at mm rate. We provide our knowledge and experience to provide fast and affordable removal solutions.

Concrete patching for tilt panels and general concrete

Concrete has become very popular as a finished product and tends to have many natural characteristics. However, the finished product is determined by formwork, quality of the concrete, placement and vibration. We have worked closely with concreters and product manufacturers from Brisbane, sunshine coast and Goldcoast, sourcing up to date products that are both durable and colour matching.

Self-levelling of concrete substrates

People often assume that a self-levelling product levels itself out over holes and voids. Simply pouring the levelling compound doesn’t fix the problems associated with an uneven floor, more often it creates a larger problem by adding product to high spots without filling the low spots. Our methods include laser scanning, using height reference points, laser mapping and straight edge examination.