Revamp Your Garage With Epoxy Flooring

It is not only your garage you can revamp with epoxy flooring. Many other areas of your home make great candidates for this kind of flooring.

When we think of flooring for the home, we often think about tiles, carpets or wood flooring. But there is no reason why you should not consider epoxy.

Modern epoxy flooring is a far cry from the industrial product it once was. Let’s take a closer look and find out how you can use this versatile flooring method in your home.


Our garages are one of the areas we often overlook when it comes to flooring. Many garages still just have a basic concrete floor.

Untreated concrete is not the best choice for garages. Yet, many homeowners seem to think so.

Unless concrete has been treated and sealed, it does not handle spillages well. If you spend a lot of time in your garage, installing epoxy flooring is a low-cost flooring alternative that deserves a place on top of your shopping list.

Epoxy flooring is very durable. When it comes to coping with spillages of automotive fluids including oils and other lubricants, it is one of the best types of flooring.

Fluids don’t seep into epoxy flooring. Most of the time, you just mop them up and get on with fixing your car or motorbike.


Is epoxy flooring resistant to moisture? Yes, it is.

This is one of the reasons you should consider using epoxy flooring in your basement. Areas such as the basement are often damp even though we may have lined the floor and the walls.

One of the easiest ways to reduce moisture is to add epoxy flooring. Doing so also lowers the risks of mould and mildew invading your home.

Epoxy can also handle weight and heavy use. If you store things in your basement, you need flooring that can handle the weight. Chances are that if you use your basement for storage, it probably sees heavier footfall than other basements.


Can I use epoxy flooring in the kitchen?

If you currently have tiles or wood flooring in the kitchen, you should consider replacing it with epoxy. It is not going to cost the earth and many types of epoxy flooring look really great.

Unlike tiles, epoxy flooring does not crack. Wood flooring can stain when you drop liquids and even discolour from hot water.

You don’t have to worry about cracked tiles or stained wooden flooring when you use epoxy. It is also super easy to clean often just requiring mopping.


Is epoxy flooring water-resistant? Once again, the answer to the question is yes.

Epoxy is 100% water resistant. This makes it perfect for bathroom floors or wetrooms which are now becoming increasingly popular.

Once mopped, the floor dries off quickly and continues to look great for many years to come.

Linoleum is an alternative, but the problem is that it quickly starts looking tired.

Living Rooms

The living room is probably the busiest area in your home. It is not usually the room where most people would think of using epoxy flooring, but why not?

Modern epoxy flooring looks fantastic. You would never know it is made from epoxy.

Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, epoxy flooring installed by professionals can look just as great as tiled floors and wooden floors.

It is super easy to clean. Then you have the added benefits of durability and an allergen-free floor. After all, there are no nasty fibres in epoxy which can trap allergens including pollen and dust particles.

Patios and Sunrooms

Patios and sunrooms are also two great places around the home for epoxy flooring.

Often these are hotter areas of the home. Wood flooring is a popular choice as it gives sunrooms a natural aesthetic look.

However, there is one major downside of wood flooring in sunrooms. High temperatures can cause the wood to warp and even split.

Tiles are popular on patios. As mentioned, we know patio tiles are easily damaged when we drop things on them. If you use epoxy, the dropped glass is still going to break but it is not going to damage the flooring.

Can I Customise Epoxy Flooring?

Yes, you can. It is one of the easiest flooring materials to customise. Remember it is made of resin. This is what makes it easy to customise and even personalise.

Final Thoughts

Not only is epoxy flooring durable. It is super easy to clean and cost-effective to maintain.

Compared to other flooring alternatives, epoxy flooring lasts considerably longer. Next time you are thinking about revamping your garage, and maybe the rest of your home, put epoxy flooring on your shopping list.

Remember, while epoxy flooring is highly customizable and offers many benefits, it may not suit every home’s style or every room. It’s also worth noting that professional installation is recommended to ensure the best results and longevity of the flooring.