Polished Concrete Vs Commercial Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to Concrete flooring services Brisbane, choosing between epoxy and polished concrete becomes difficult. However, both of them are quite similar when it comes to concrete slabs. Brisbane grinding is done continuously with special machinery to create Polished concrete floors brisbane. These polished concrete surfaces have fine style polish for smooth and burnished surfaces. On the other side, multiple layers of epoxy flooring are made after combining two components. A fluid treats the concrete surface to form a waterproof, durable, and protective coating.

To better understand which flooring type is best. We will compare the polished concrete and commercial epoxy flooring. Which one is suitable, but make sure to consider yourself as a floor expert. Only then will your floor always look pristine, and less maintenance work will be required.

Polished Concrete Floors Brisbane

The polished concrete floors are less expensive. Polished concrete is the best option if they are less subjected to extreme pH substances, harsh chemicals, toxins, and wetness. But polished concrete floors require daily maintenance. In terms of strength, polished floors come with less compressive strength. However, companies offering Concrete Flooring Services Brisbane advise unpolished concrete floors due to their high compressive strength. With polish, the concrete surfaces get even out. But, if a floor has significant issues such as cracked and old surfaces, a polished finish is not advisable. Usually, Polished concrete floors brisbane are used for fresh concrete floors.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

Polishes concrete can be considered a reliable solution for household and industrial environments, but there are different noticeable things. However, they can be overlooked if considering Commercial Epoxy Flooring Brisbane. Protecting the natural beauty of concrete slab flooring based on resin-like epoxy is a reliable solution. If epoxy flooring is chosen smartly, one gets a broad range of advantages for improving concrete floors, making bearing capacity easy. Epoxy floors can easily hide more perfections in concrete. The epoxy comes with reflective light ability, which is 300% of epoxy resins, which helps save energy costs and lighting.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Epoxy Flooring vs Polished Concrete:

Both of the epoxy and polished concrete floors are best. But, it is essential to consider the factors before making a perfect choice.

Durability – This factor should be the top priority when choosing flooring. The simple logic is that the residential, industrial, and commercial floors should be strong. They should be easily able to withstand heavy loads. Luckily, both epoxy and polished concrete are highly durable. Once the polished concrete hardens, it can easily bear the daily foot traffic. It won’t crack in comparison to other materials. While, epoxy flooring works like a protective coating and is tough. The epoxy coatings can make the floor can easily handle high-impact things such as multiple cars.

Cost – Concrete flooring services Brisbane are easy to opt for. But it is difficult enough to maintain the flooring. The final choice should definitely be taken after considering the cost. When comparing both of them, they are affordable choices. However, they still cost differently. For the grinding and sealing procedure, polished concrete demands less money. The price can increase on the finish type. In terms of cost, epoxy flooring is affordable as only epoxy resin is applied on the existing surface.

Installation Time – A flooring specialist requires only 2-3 days to apply the coating. In this procedure, one must prepare the surface, apply primer and epoxy coat, and finally add a finishing topcoat. If epoxy flooring is for a garage, driving over the surface might take up to 7 days. Conversely, polished concrete requires 3-6 days, including installation. The whole procedure involves a concrete mixture, allowing it to set. For concrete to harden, it will demand 28 days for the final completion.

Slip Resistance – Safety is the utmost important factor regardless of which type of floor you choose. If you want a glossy surface, polished concrete is far less slippery. It makes the surface retain full grip & gives complete foot traction. At the same time, Commercial Epoxy Flooring Brisbane has a super glossy finish but becomes slippery when wet. However, adding the slip-resistant additives can increase traction, preventing fewer falls.

The Final Choice!

When installing epoxy then, it comes in a liquid state. It easily covers the surface and gives an imperious look. In commercial areas where toxins and harsh chemicals are used, epoxy flooring is best. Polished concrete floors brisbane are not designed in such a way to cope with these types of chemical exposure. They easily hold the harmful chemicals. It makes the flow of pollutants into the environment easy. If the resinous coating is properly selected, all risks are disposed of. For Commercial Epoxy Flooring Brisbane who want polished concrete with excellent durability, epoxy coating is an ideal choice. So, next time make a perfect choice and watch your floor shine bright with great durability.