Can you polish old concrete? Everything you need to consider.

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Old concrete can be quite unsightly. Fortunately, you can always have it polished to restore its appearance. However, since old concrete is finished with a different process, it will be more difficult to polish than concrete created nowadays.

So, given the differences in an old concrete’s characteristics and texture, Different tools may be required for polishing. Having said that, if you’re planning to have your old concrete polished, here’s everything you need to know about this process.

Things to Consider

Inspect the quality of your old concrete

Old concrete may have deteriorated in time and is more likely to become porous. Most old concrete is porous and may be difficult to polish. Though it can still be polished, you might have to spend more to achieve the desired finish.

Check if there are any damages

Like other floorings, old concrete may be damaged over time from heavy foot traffic, moisture, and heat. This may lead to the formation of holes or excess grouts on your flooring. Although some damages can be easily fixed, extremely damaged concrete surfaces will require tedious repairs.

Examine your old concrete for any presence of stains

Old concrete has a higher chance of suffering from stains or discolouration due to foot traffic and prolonged exposure to various elements. Having said that, make sure to examine your floor for any presence of stains before getting it polished.

Look for traces of adhesive residue

Are you planning to remove your old linoleum and get your old concrete polished? If that’s the case, make sure to remove the adhesive residue thoroughly before getting your concrete floor polished. Once the adhesive has stained the concrete, using a floor polisher or grinding the concrete will not be effective.

What To Do if Your Old Concrete Floor is Extremely Damaged

If your floor is highly damaged, you can consider installing stained concrete floors. This concrete can hide most of the damage on your existing concrete floor. Alternatively, you may also consider installing a concrete overlay.

A concrete overlay is a thin layer of concrete poured over your floor’s damaged area, which does a fantastic job of hiding stains and floor cracks. After installing a concrete overlay, you can now have your concrete floor polished with the exact colour and texture you desire.

Steps Involved in Polishing Old Concrete

Concrete Cleaning

An old concrete floor must be thoroughly cleaned if any stains are present. If your old concrete floor is protected with a good floor sealer, it will be easy to clean and polish. In this step, floor wax is recommended to remove stains and dirt. It is important to note that acidic substances such as bleach and citrus cleaners should not be used in cleaning a concrete floor.


Using a grinder with the correct weight and RPM to achieve a good polishing finish is essential. Grinders come in different sizes, so the proper grinder for your old concrete will greatly depend on the area to be polished.

Industrial Vacuuming

Regular sweeping might not be enough to remove all the dust on the floor. So, in this step, an excellent industrial vacuum is used to collect dust and other substances trapped in the gaps and depths of the old concrete flooring.


Finally, your old concrete undergoes either wet or dry polishing to bring out the best shine of your old concrete floor. But between the two methods, dry polishing works better on an old concrete floor and will provide it with better shine and light reflection.

Get Your Old Concrete Polished by a Professional Today

If your old concrete floor looks dreary and damaged, there’s no need to fret. After all, old concrete can still be polished to bring back its beauty. And by hiring a professional like Dynamic Concrete Solutions, you can simply leave the whole polishing process to a team of professionals.

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