How to Care for Polished Concrete Table Tops & Flooring in Brisbane

Looking ahead to amp up the look of your living area? The chances are high. Polished concrete table tops brisbane will be on your mind. But, before getting that done, understanding the potential maintenance required is essential. No doubt the beauty of Polished Concrete Brisbane will be long-lasting. If given proper care, the beauty will be retained with special attention and proper care. To maintain that type of furniture, you need to have an in-depth understanding of how you can take care of it. Going ahead, we will discuss the significant steps for caring for Polished concrete table tops brisbane.

The Cleaning Tips for Polished concrete brisbane:
It is essential to preserve the shine and prevent any long-term damage by maintaining the polished concrete table tops brisbane. However, there should be a daily cleaning routine that is simple and effective.

Initially, you can take a dry and soft cloth to remove any dirt and debris. You can use a cleaning agent or any mild soap, especially for concrete surfaces. You can add vinegar and a mixture of soap and warm water as cleaning agents. Try avoiding harsh chemicals, as concrete can be harmful.

After the cleaning agent, use a sponge or a soft-bristled brush. Lastly, with clean water rinse the surface & wipe it using a dry cloth. You can follow the below-mentioned cleaning guidelines to keep your concrete tabletops in good condition for years to come.

For Removing Small Stains – Having Polished concrete brisbane, there will be discoloration if you notice any food or beverage stains. These stains can be removed using chlorine bleach. Dip a cotton ball into chlorine bleach and apply it to the stain. Now, put the paper towel and then a glass bowl on it allowing it to rest for 5-10 minutes. Now, you can rinse the concrete top with cool, fresh water. The bleach should be left for at most 10 minutes as this can lead to damage.

To remove grease and oil stains – Apply the degreaser solution first on the oil and grease stain on the concrete countertop. You must let the solution sit for a few minutes, say 5-8 minutes before scrubbing it. Now, rinse the surface with water. There can be times when these types of stains will remain there. In that case, now apply poultice, a thick type of paste. To make a poultice you need baking soda combined with powdered sugar or flour along with acetone. Apply the poultice and seal it. Pack it with plastic wrap, and let it remain like this for almost a day. The next day clean the surface with a fresh damp cloth.

For Removing Wine and Food Stains – Combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and make a paste of it. Apply the paste and let it be applied for 30 minutes to 1 hour before scrubbing it off. Now, rinse with water and repeat.

For Removing Paint Stains – To remove latex paint, use warm water and dish soap to easily remove this type of paint. You can also use a scraper to remove the paint before scrubbing the surface. Try using a paint thinner or a commercial solvent to remove the stains for oil-based paint. Now, you can apply the solvent and rub the stain until it completely goes away. So, rinse with the water and dry it with a cloth.

For Ink – You can remove ink stains from the Polished Concrete Table Tops Brisbane using acetone or alcohol. Soak the cloth and apply it to the ink stain. Let the mixture sit, and then gently rub it off. Now, rinse with water and re-do it if necessary.

So, the above are ways to clean different stains on concrete table tops. Now, let’s understand how we can maintain concrete floors once you have availed of Concrete flooring services Brisbane.

Sweep & Scrub Daily – The polished concrete is durable and easily maintained. If you do regular sweeping, then it is super easy to maintain concrete floors.

Use Correct Cleaning Solutions – The concrete floors are more reactive, so you must change cleaning solutions in the floor scrubber daily. If you opted for polished Concrete flooring services Brisbane, different cleaning solutions are available. The polished concrete can get damaged if you use highly alkaline cleaning products.

Cleaning of Spills Promptly – Polished concrete is more resistant to spills, but it is invincible when it comes to liquids. So, if in case spills are there for too long on the polished concrete, then the stains will eat away at the floor’s protective finish. However, on the other hand, discoloration, decreased shine, and damaged concrete will start occurring due to leftover stains.

The Final Finish

If you are following all the tips for bringing back the shine and failing to achieve that, don’t stress. Contact Dynamic Concrete Solutions. With a complete understanding of how to fix concrete surfaces, we will regain the original beauty.