Epoxy Flake Flooring VS Traditional Flooring

Don’t think Epoxy Flake Flooring is something new for one moment. It has been around since the 1930s!

Epoxy flooring has always been popular in industrial settings. You often find it in workshops and garages. In the Second World War, it was often used in aircraft hangers.

Although epoxy flooring has never “gone away”, you can say it is making a return. Increasingly we are starting to appreciate it more for its durability and cost-effectiveness.

Is it cheaper than many other types of flooring? Yes, it is. Epoxy flooring has also many other advantages.

Let’s take a closer look. 

The Benefits of Epoxy Flake Flooring


Thanks to its mixture of resin and a specialist hardening agent, epoxy is great for protecting flooring.

It is this unique combination that makes epoxy flooring one of the best flooring options for areas with high footfall or use.

Providing epoxy flooring is well maintained, it lasts for an average of 20 years. That is an astonishing time for a floor that is quick to install and does not cost a king’s ransom.

Slip Resistance

By its very nature, epoxy flooring is slip-resistant.

If you are running a workshop or small garage area, you should consider installing an epoxy floor. Compared to many other types of flooring it increases safety.

It is the texture of epoxy flooring which makes it suitable for areas where there is an increased risk of slipping or falling over.

You often find epoxy flooring in warehouses that store food and other items. In particular, it is popular in warehouses with cold storage facilities.

Easy Maintenance

Epoxy floors are super easy to maintain. This is another reason they pop up in places like food storage warehouses where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Providing the right cleaning products are used, epoxy is super easy to clean. For larger areas, you can use industrial cleaning methods. Regular cleaning methods for smaller areas work just as well.

The most important point to consider is that you use the right cleaning products. Your epoxy floor supplier will give you the best advice.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Epoxy Flooring

Can you customise epoxy flooring? This is perhaps the most frequent question asked by suppliers of epoxy flooring.

Yes, you can customise epoxy flooring. Compared to other flooring products such as wood, epoxy flooring is easy to customise. This is great if you run a business and have decided on a specific colour scheme and style.

What About the Cost of Epoxy Flake Flooring?

There is no doubt about it – epoxy flooring is cost-effective. There are two ways of looking at the cost-effectiveness of epoxy.

First, it is considerably cheaper to install – both when it comes to buying the floor and the time it takes. Prolonged downtime due to floor installation is the last thing you need as a business owner.

Don’t forget epoxy flooring lasts longer. You probably want to spruce up the rest of the decor before you need to invest in new flooring. Epoxy really does stand the test of time.

These are two reasons why many business owners opt for epoxy flooring. Of course, epoxy flooring is not only the right choice for business. It is great for private garages and workshops as well.

It is a fantastic choice for commercial laundries and self-service laundrettes. Epoxy works well in commercial kitchens including restaurants and takeaways.

Resistance to Damage and Spills

Epoxy flooring offers a high-quality finish that is resistant to staining and chemical damage. 

As a matter of fact, you can spill pretty much anything on epoxy flooring and just wipe it away. This is why you so often come across epoxy floors in industrial settings.

Just like with other types of flooring, you must deal with any spillages as soon as you can. However, this is more from an employee safety point of view. You wouldn’t want one of your team to slip.

No Allergens

Epoxy flooring does not harbour allergens. This is a big plus point.

If you are concerned about allergens, epoxy floors are the perfect choice. There are no cracks or fibres which can hold onto allergy-causing materials such as pollen or fur. 

The Time Factor

How long does it take you to look after epoxy flooring? Less time spent cleaning and maintaining epoxy is another advantage.

Other Flooring Types

Popular flooring types you may come across in business settings include natural wood and tiling. 

That’s okay for areas with low footfall and where you are not likely to experience any spills.

The downside of wood is that it stains easily and can quickly become damaged.

So can tiles. If you crack a tile, do you have a matching one to replace it with?

Maintenance is another aspect you have to consider. Wood flooring in a store may look great, but it is certainly going to take a lot of upkeep. Both when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the floor.

The same goes for tiled floors. To keep those tiles looking sparkling, you need to clean them every day AND with costly specialist cleaning products.

Then you have the aspect of longevity. In any commercial setting, you need to consider how long the floor is going to last and stay looking good. Maintenance costs are another factor. Wooden floors need extra maintenance and the right cleaning products are not cheap.

There is nothing worse than coming into a business with a floor that looks dirty and tarnished.  Alternative flooring types to epoxy make look great for a short while but they soon lose their sparkle.

You also need to consider how much time it takes to clean and maintain the floor. Deep cleaning a floor in a business is often a major upheaval.

The Final Thought

Epoxy flooring certainly has many plus points. Don’t forget that any building materials which last longer are more environmentally friendly.

When you can hang onto your floor installation for 20 years instead of 8 – 10 years, you are doing your bit for the planet. Contact us today for a quote and transform your space with epoxy flake flooring.